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Cultural Tours

Local Art - Guatïl

Chorotega’s pottery

 The village of Guatïl is famous of its pre-Columbian Chorotega style pottery. Local potters use the traditions and techniques of their ancestors to produce ceramics.

Potters welcome you in their workshops where you will see and learn the Chorotega Indian’s handcrafted techniques.

45 minute drive from the villa.

Or you can stop in Guatïl when you come back from Palo Verde.

Coffee Tour

Know about coffee production in the area and indigenous cultural values and farmers in the region.

 For about 1h20, you make an interesting tour, where you can observe the different processes of coffee, and treatment of solid and liquid waste, which is then converted into raw materials for new products and processes.

Also, learn about the equipment used in the collection, and on our final products and taste the exquisite Coffee.

1h15 drive from the villa.