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 Pacific Ocean with his tropical water…..


Costa Rica is surf country with his famous spots!

Beginner or advanced come to surf the challenging waves of the Pacific Coast…

All ours instructors are experienced and licensed.

5-10 minute drive from the villa.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

First timers will enjoy the challenge of balance and chilling on the water!

It is faster and easier to learn than it looks.
Join in on the fun of this new growing sport!!

All ours instructors are experienced and licensed.



Go on a boat, and, grab your snorkeling gear, to see the Costa Rican 

Pacific Coast’s Marine Life

$55 per person, 3 hours, including boat transfer, guide, equipment, drinks and snacks

30 minutes drive from the villa.

Sport Fishing

The great quantity of marine species in the area makes Fishing in Guanacaste an unforgettable adventure.

We work with professional fishermen and choose between different boats.

It’s up to you!
Prices start at $550 for 4 people for a half day according to the number people and size of boat.

30 minutes drive from the villa.


Let’s go for a relaxation day on a private sailboat with its captain, snorkel if you like, and perhaps have the chance to see whales and dolphins!!!

• Private Tour by Sailboat (no other guest on the boat): $100 per person for half-day  (including snack, snorkeling).

• Catamaran Sailing: $85 per person from 1:00pm to 6:00 pm to see the sunset (boat capacity 30 people – public tour).

30 minutes drive from the villa.

Scuba diving

Discover the magic and wonder of the Pacific Ocean…

Enjoy the warm water waiting for you here in the tropical latitudes. Offering a friendly relaxed atmosphere to small groups of divers.

The Pacific Ocean in and near the Tamarindo area is teeming with life. Dive spots such as the Catalina Islands offer a stunning variety of sea life such as giant manta rays, cow-nosed rays, spotted eagle rays, moray eels, white-tip reef sharks, red snapper, roosterfish, parrotfish, puffer fish, sergeant majors, grunts, starfish, sea fans and live corals, as well as huge schools of bait fish, all waiting for you to join them in the dance of life below the sea.

30 minutes drive from the villa.